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Advanced Math Goals:


  • Provide enrichment for students strong in math (as determined by:  EnVision Placement Test, Scantron Math Scores, Math PARCC, and CogAT scores)
  • Compact the EnVision math curriculum where possible
  • Dig deeper into concepts through projects and problem solving

Order of Operations (PEMDAS) Video!

This is a fun reminder for Order of Operations or PEMDAS!  Just click on the picture above and it will take you directly to the video.


Scientific Notation Video

Scientific Notation.jpeg

6th Grade Advanced Math

Advanced Math Curriculum

The 6th Grade Advanced Math class uses the same EnVision curriculum as other 6th grade groups.  If the class completes the regular EnVision curriculum, select units from the Junior High program will be taught.  These units have been approved and supplied in collaboration with the Junior High math department.  Please see below for details of the goals of the program. 


Advanced Math Monthly Calendar

Please click the calendar icon below to access a calendar.


Advanced Math Game Websites

Topic 2 Game Websites:

Using Variables to Write Expressions

Properties of Operations

Order of Operations

Distributive Property


Topic 3 Game Websites:

Operations with Decimals


Topic 5 Game Websites:

Factors, Multiples, and Divisibility

Prime and Composite Numbers

Greatest Common Factor (GCF)


Topic 7 Game Websites:

Adding and Subtracting with LIKE Denominators

Least Common Multiple

Adding with UNLIKE Denominators

Adding and Subtracting with UNLIKE Denominators


Topic 9 Game Websites:

Dividing Fractions


Topic 10 Game Websites:

Comparing and Ordering Integer Games

Integer (Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying or Dividing) Games

Graphing Points on a Coordinate Plane Games

Topic 11 Game Websites:

Measuring Angles


Identifying, Measuring, Labeling, and Equivalent Angles

Angle Pairs (Supplementary, Complementary, and Adjacent)

Classifying Triangles



Topic 12 Ratio Game Websites:

Equal Ratios


Topic 14 Game Websites:

Understanding Percent


Topic 15 Game Websites:

Equations and Graphs


Topic 19 Game Websites:

Data and Graphs


Grading System:

The grading system for Advanced Math is as follows:

  • Independent Work 60%

    • Independent Practice
    • Daily Math Review Packets
    • Ticket Out the Door
    • Projects
    • Workbook Pages/Homework
    • Other assignments completed independently
  • Assessments 40%

    • Topic Tests
    • Cumulative Tests (given roughly after every 4 Topics)
    • Daily Math Review Quizzes


Late Work:


In the case of an absence, a student has two days for every one day missed.  If work is late due to other reasons, the grade will be lowered 10% for each day late.  


For example, if an assignment would have earned 100%

  • 1 day late = 90%

  • 2 days late = 80%

  • 3 days late = 70%

The grading system for Advanced Math is as follows:


A+  = 100% or above

A =  99-90%

B = 89-80%

C = 79-70%

D = 69-60%

F = 59 and below

Details... Details... Details...

Ticket Out the Door:

Tickets Out the Door will be handed out after each lesson.  Students are to complete them in class and hand in for a grade.  Problems will include concepts learned throughout the current topic.


Workbook Practice:

Students will choose ten problems from either the reteach or practice to do from the assigned homework lesson.  Two problems MUST be “Writing to Explain.”  On most days there will be enough time to complete these problems in class.  Any work not completed must be done at home.  Workbook practice will be a completion grade and corrected the day after the lesson.


Math Review Packets:

Four page math review packets will be handed out on Mondays and are due on Fridays.  The packets can be done in class after the Ticket Out the Door and homework are completed or at home.  Students should bring the packets to class everyday.  Be sure to see Mrs. Huebner early in the week if there is a problem you need help working through.  Each Friday there will be a quiz on the exact material reviewed in the packet.

Things to remember for Math Review Packets:

  • Always write your answer in simplest form.  

For example:  2/4 = ½

  • Label all answers

For example: 5 apples or 6 cm

  • Show your work!